Turn ideas into apps.

Make cool apps and learn to code with Tingbot: the creative app platform for the Raspberry Pi.

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Transform your Raspberry Pi into a little internet connected product that makes writing your own apps fun and easy.

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Assemble your kit around the Pi.
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Tingbot kit

Tingbot comes as part of a kit that you can build yourself.

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“It's a wonderful device - it's got my son excited about programming, which I love 🙂”
David Jacobs, Kickstarter backer


The easiest way to make apps for Tingbot is with Tide; our very own code editor.

Tingbot apps are written in Python (one of the easiest programming languages to learn) and in just a few lines of code, you can make some pretty sweet apps for Tingbot.

Libraries and example code to get you started
Upload your apps to Tingbot in seconds
Make Tingbot apps on-the-go with the built-in simulator

Get Tide

Download the Tide desktop app to write your own apps for Tingbot.


Version 1.0.3

Build apps, not programs.

With Tingbot, you learn by doing, seeing the results of your work every step of the way. We don’t think that you should have to sit through hours of “learn to code” material before making something real.

But we’re not dumbing-down – Tingbot teaches users Python: a real industrial programming language that could get you a job at Dropbox or build the next Uber.

What can
Tingbot do?

With a Raspberry Pi at it’s core, Tingbot can do pretty much anything you can think of. That said, here’s a few practical things people have made...

The Team

We’re a small team of designers and engineers who enjoy making things together. We built Tingbot over the past 4 years as a passion project.

We launched on Kickstarter at the end of 2015, and in 2016 delivered our first batch of Tingbots to our founding backers. The Tingbot Community Team has formed off the back of our campaign and their open-source contributions have been awesome!

Core team

Ben Pawle
Joe Rickerby
Ken Smeed
Duncan Smeed
Phil Gilbanks

Community team

Ian Dera
DFM Expert
Phil Underwood
Open source developer
Robert Wilson
Open source developer
One-man tingapp wolf pack
Ben Greencock
Design contributor
Ashley Johnston
Design contributor
Design contributor
Michael Colville
Zoe Prosser

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