Hey guys!

Your Tingbots should have started to arrive (yay!) so here is a quick update of things that we thought we should highlight for those unboxing their bots (based on feedback so far):

Balls everywhere…

First off - apologies for any unboxing mess that is sweeping the country! At the time we though that these wee packing balls would be great for padding the boxes to ensure that the Tingbots were as protected as they can be without thinking of the fact they can get absolutely everywhere.

We now realise that it creates a little bit of a confetti-mess so please be careful when opening!

Trouble finding parts?

A knock-on from using these balls is that they are perfect camouflage for our smaller parts (doh!)

Please check and recheck that your boxes have the three below small packets in them.

The feet, buttons and micro screws should be in there somewhere (please keep rummaging!)

They may be hard to find at first - especially if they are white. We have received a couple of messages from backers who said that they almost threw out some of the smaller bits.

Onboard Pi 3 Wi-Fi

We tested the onboard WiFi on a few Raspberry Pi 3’s successfully without realising there were 2 revisions. A few of our colleagues have noted that the onboard wi-fi was not connecting on their units with the Tingbot OS so we’ve had a wee look into it.

Our debugging/tracing effort led to the pinpointing of the problem and we are rolling out a fix for it as we speak so if your having troubles please check back on our Github very soon.

Please message me if there’s anything you have problems with,

Enjoy the assembling :)

- Ken & The Tingbot Team