Hello folks!

It’s (finally!) time for the spanking new Tingbot Update


First off, apologies for the delay in this update going out. I know you guys like to hear how everything is progressing and it took a bit longer than expected to gather all the separate parts of the project into one bitesize breakdown.

News from Shenzhen

Some exciting news on the screen-front is that our manufacturers have sent through a video of our test-rig in full operation…

Over the past couple of weeks we have made a custom disk image (alongside wiring instructions) that Itead could use to program both the screen module and run a test program in one go. Once the on-board chip has been programmed, the demo checks for colour, refresh, backlight and touch.

The test procedure is now up and running and ready to program and test each and every one of your modules over the next few weeks.

We received a second round of samples from the manufacturers last week and noticed a slight snag with how they soldered one of the connectors. We have sent detailed instructions to them following our Skype calls and the final amendments are being made for the full run as we speak. So close now!

Parts! Parts! Parts!

We have packing material….

We have custom boxes…

We have button caps….

Our peripherals are all ready and waiting.

All wires, buttons, boxes, SDs, wi-fis, bags, rubber feet, mailing bags, packing material and our custom printed boxes have now arrived and we are starting to assemble these whilst we await the modules, laser cut wraps and moulded caps.

Speaking of which - we are really excited about our upcoming factory visit for the moulded caps production run in about 2 weeks time! We know you’ll want to see this too so we’re going to take a camera, tripod and some lights along with us and put together a little video that shows how these parts are made and the run being completed.

The laser-cut wrap run will be happening soon after and we are hoping to have some colourful content to show you from that too!

Tide Electron

Our cross-platform version of Tide is coming on leaps and bounds. Joe’s putting the pedal to the metal and working away alongside the other contributors on the Tingbot Slack and GitHub.

Tingbot apps are running locally in the built-in simulator and we’re busy working on getting them running cross-platform on Tingbot devices too (as we have with the standalone Mac version).

There are lots of new UI builds coming together nicely - both for Tide and Tingbot OS:

Tide Welcome Screen

Keyboard for Tingbot OS

So if you fancy joining in the fun, head over to our Slack channel.

App screens courtesy of @whistlemaster

We’re pegging it to get this wee guy shipped to you all so rest assured you will have your Tingbots very soon.

Love and hugs,

- The Tingbot Team