It’s here folks!

We’re launching the first version of The Tingbot Ocean - a place where you can share your Tingbot apps and download others that have been created by the Tingbot community.

Check it out:

As everything is open-source, feel free to modify any apps that you download and be sure to share the results. We’ve already uploaded some sample apps to get you started :)

We are really excited to see what you’ll come up with!

Get Making!

You don’t have to wait for your Tingbot to start making apps! If you haven’t already, download the beta version of Tide for Mac and check out our nifty documentation. Any apps that you make can be run in the Tingbot Simulator in Tide.

Tide for Windows is in the works - if you fancy getting involved with a fun open source project, get in touch!

Made a Tingbot app?

Awesome! When you’re ready to share it with the world, send it through to and we’ll post it on The Tingbot Ocean for all to see!

One last request…

We need your help to make Tingbot a success, so please keep sharing the Kickstarter campaign with everyone you know. Your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, your neighbours, your postman - we need to reach as far and wide as possible to hit our target.

The sharing link is:

Thanks for all your messages of support and pledges so far, we really appreciate it and we can’t wait to try out your Tingbot apps!

- The Tingbot Team