Hello Backers,

We’ve been blown away by all the messages of encouragement and support from our backers - thank you. As of this morning we are 39% funded so we are looking really good for hitting our target!

We were Staff-Picked within the first hour of going live and have since been featured on Product Hunt, All About Circuits, Geeky Gadgets, Trusted Reviews on the Rookie Oven blog and interviewed by Make Works.

Thanks to everyone - whether you have written about us, backed us or shared Tingbot with your friends on Facebook or Twitter - your support has meant the world to us!

Talking Tingbot

We have also been talking Tingbot around London; giving it a whirl, answering questions and inviting feedback. We hopped over to Hardware Pioneers on Thursday night where we did a quick community shoutout followed by a demo. On Friday we were invited by Caroline and the kind people at Kano to present Tingbot over a delicious lunch. There was some great support for Tide and it wasn’t long before we were taking Tingbot apart and talking hardware!

Tingbot meets Flotilla

Meanwhile, Gadgetoid from Pimoroni has been putting Tingbot through it’s paces and come up with a Kickstarter match made in heaven - Tingbot & Flotilla. If you haven’t seen Flotilla yet check it out. We are really buzzed about how this mashup will progress and we’re already looking at building this into our libraries - exciting!

Tingbot on Tour!

As part of our testing process, Zoë Prosser, a Product Design student from Glasgow has been experimenting with things she’d like to make for Tingbot. She’s made some impressive apps within such short space of time and even made a video diary of her experience. Check out how she got on here.

Spread the news

The more you share Tingbot the closer we’ll get to our goal and more we can give back. So please continue to spread the word by tweeting, liking, blogging and shouting from the rooftops!

Follow us on Twitter & Like us on Facebook

Over the next few days we’ll be sharing new apps and we are planning some stretch goals to introduce when we are a little closer to our target so stay tuned!

- Ken & The Tingbot Team