Transform your Pi into a platform for creative applications.

Make fun things, get coding and share amazing projects.

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Tingbot lives in your home or on your desk; an internet-connected product.
Make fun things, get coding or share creative projects.

Tingbot is limited only by your imagination.

What can Tingbot do?

Tingbot is designed for novel and new experiences.

To demonstrate Tingbot's capabilities we've built - a new way to make personal, playful animated expressions and share them with others.

Tingbot is the best way to experience this.
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As well as we are creating a bunch of other great sample projects for you to try out or hack. Check them out here on our app store, Ocean.

This library will grow over time as more of you make more cool things with Tide.

Great! Let's get started

Run things on Tingbot quick and simple with Tide

Tingbot is a kit product for experiencing fun projects.

Our hardware and OS builds your Raspberry Pi into a platform for creative applications that you or others have made.

Make things for it using Tide.
Tide is a development environment for Tingbot.

Download or create apps and run them on your Tingbot in seconds.

Our clever libraries make writing your own projects for Tingbot so simple your gran could do it.

Test your code in the simulator or upload to Tingbot at the click of a button.

The Tingbot team

About the project

Tingbot is a project by NORD collective, a team of designers and developers who enjoy creating things together.

Initially, we created Tingbot as a fun way to experience but it didn't take us long to realise the platform we'd built could be used for all sorts of exciting projects.

On the 2nd of November we will be launching our Kickstarter campaign for Tingbot - join us!

What comes next?

With two Maker Faire's under our belt we wanted to make Tingbot available to all of you, so we launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to further finance the production of a first run of Tingbots. We're proud to say that we smashed our goal thanks to our amazing 744 backers and we can't wait to ship Tingbot v.1!

The funds raised through Kickstarter will finance:
- hardware development (case and components)
- software development (OS, Tide)
- first product release (expected Spring 2016)

We're currently expanding Tide our IDE to Windows (and potentially Linux) versions. If you are a budding developer and want to get involved in an exciting open-source project like Tingbot, check out our GitHub or get in touch here: hello at tingbot dot com
Excited about tingbot?

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